Hi, I'm Daz!
I am an animator with a passion for visual storytelling, always open for new challenges in order to keep a fresh and busy mind. 
After exploring range of mediums such as traditional hand-drawn animation, stop motion, 2D digital animation, I found a new calling in my creative practice and have taken a particular interest in 3D character animation, which I am currently developing further. I am naturally curious about the digital world and excited by its potential. Allowing myself to experiment freely opens me up to embrace new ideas, that's why I like to continue to expand my skillset and integrate innovative techniques into my work. 
I enjoy working on collaborative projects and had the opportunity to work on some live briefs for organizations such as ‘The Old Vic Theatre’, ‘Cancer Research UK’, 'Vintage Books' and ‘Royal Opera House’.
Graduated in 2020 with a First Class Degree in Illustration Animation BA(Hons) from Kingston School  of Art.

I am open for comissions, collaborations and exciting project opportunities. Say hello!
Thank you!
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