Vintage Books 'Slaughterhouse 5'
Collaborative Project
This animation is a trailer for Kurt Vonnegut's book 'Slaughterhouse Five' created for the Vintage Books. My team aimed to illustrate the idea of chaos, using some of the time traveling episodes from the book, for example; main character, Billy Pilgrim, working as an optometrist, a younger version of him learning how to swim and him as a war prisoner. Consequently, our focus for this project was the Tralfamadorian’s philosophy, in which time is not a linear progression of events. It is not something you are able to control for all its events, past, present and future ‘always have existed and always will’.
In this project I was responsible for creating hand carved linocut animation - stop frame animation made from linocut prints. Each frame was individually hand-carved in linoleum and transferred onto paper in order to achieve the illusion of movement. 
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